Let's fight against COVID-19 together

To fight this Pandemic better, we have taken multiple steps and precautions to ensure a safe shopping experience.

We are coming back.


The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across India and the World, but life does not stop for anyone. It can be halted but never stopped. Businesses Nation Wide had to suffer a major loss but in the end. We are here and now, We are in the pages of history, and on this page of history we want to provide you with a safe and joyful experience that leaves you worry-free at the end of the day. Check out how we are preparing for you to come back to us.

We know you miss us. We got you covered and safe.


Things you can do to Help us.

Wear Masks

The simple act of wearing a mask shall go a long way in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe

Social Distancing, it’s Important

This time around, maintain some distance in public places for your and other people's safety

Things We are doing to keep you and everyone Safe.

Sanitizing the
Entire Mall

We keep our premises safe and sanitized so that you can fully enjoy your shopping sessions without an ounce of doubt

Temperature Checks

To keep our space COVID free, we do temperature checks of every person entering the mall

Sanitizer at Entrance

Keep your hands germ free with our Automated Sanitizer Machine at the entrance of the mall